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  1. It came from 1e, where they had the same immunity. I don't know their real world mythology enough to say why 1e had it. 2e screwed up a lot of things like this (ogre magi are in a similar circumstance). Rakshasas weren't just a show-up-and-fight-now-here's-all-their-stats enemy. They were masters of illusion, spending sometimes years to gain control of whatever it is they wanted: political influence, economic strength, oneupmanship on a rival rakshasa, etc). If you were fighting one in combat, it was only at the end of intense investigation. So for how you could change a defining c
  2. The Forgotten Realms cosmology and magic paradigm are more to blame. It's shit. Between 1e and 2e, TSR wanted to dump Gygax and Greyhawk, so they latched onto Greenwood and his Forgettable Realms. Nothing there should be dug too deeply into. You're doing the right thing.
  3. (from another unreleased mod readme): Another lovely concept in 1st edition that got obliterated into imbecility in 2e. Originally, MR was the % to block a spell BASED ON A CASTER LEVEL OF 11. MR was adjusted +/- 5% if the caster was higher or lower than 11; for example, a creature with 50% MR would have an effective MR of 75% against spells from a 6th level mage, and no MR at all against a mage of level 21 or higher. Naturally, a bungle of this enormity greatly changes the balance of power in BG. The worst part is, all of those previously manageable MR creatures like drow are now so
  4. Meant to suggest this a long time ago. We've made Negative Plane Protection protect from all undead special attacks (except mummy disease and ghast stench) like shadow's STR drain and ghoul's paralyze. We had to alter their attack items and do some CastSpellOnHit stuff but that's certainly within the parameters of IR+SR.
  5. can you recolor, give another sound, and vastly speed up the cone of cold anim?
  6. there's just not enough ways to specifically affect a mage. could treat FM as a non-silence Silence; no spell casting for 1-3 rounds? automatic unsummoning of his summons? randomly lost buff? 100% chance of wild magic on his next spell?
  7. has ToBEx given anything related to adjusting Caster Level? letting feeblemind reduce the target's casting level would be appropriate, perhaps.
  8. is there any way to make breach into a temporary effect, i.e. disable stoneskin/pfmw/etc for x rounds instead of completely doing away with it? probably not.
  9. wouldn't it be easier to start working in some Creature Revisions as a recommended but optional component? it seems it'd be better to provide immunities at the source instead of stacking EFFs across multiple spells.
  10. i know it's magic and all, but the two fire shields should cancel each other out. sometimes you just gotta make a managerial decision and go with what makes sense.
  11. i have yet to see any mod site/forum with as much downtime as bwl. you're right; it's not a big deal but only because no one really gives a shit whether it's up or down or not outside of that page. the first thing you should've done is posted that the site was down and an expectation for when it'd be back up. you're quick to do damage control, though. it is not for you to judge the importance of community property. learn to read. ----------- oh, the irony.
  12. at least mirror that page somewhere. the prefixes are vital to modders. it also looks like the BG mod community is run out of some 3rd world country. this one isn't absolutely current as my own recently acquired prefix of FU is not shown. Prefix Project Registration date Status Comments B0 Projet NeoBG 22. 10. 2004 OK BA World Transition Project 22. 10. 2004 OK Global TIS file naming registration for Baldur's Gate BP The Big Picture 06. 01. 2006 OK DC The Dragon's Call Unknown OK Prefix for areas E3 Fade Romance 22. 10. 2004 OK FA Fragile Alliance U
  13. http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/ should probably mirror it or just put it on a new host.
  14. mmm. traditionally fire is a way to clear spider webs. what do you think of fire shield including immunity to web? would benefit efreeti and other fire creatures.
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