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Amber leaves the party when I raise her


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Well, like the title says. If she dies and I raise her, she leaves. Doesn't say anything, just leaves the party for good. Is this supposed to happen?

No, that's not supposed to happen. Has she behaved normally so far? I mean talking, quests and player initiated dialogue and such? How did she die and wich spell are using to rise her?

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She's been behaving normally, as far as I can tell. There was some stutter in the Underdark (she stopped and then headed towards the PC as to initiate a lovetalk, but no actual conversation occurred), but it ceased as soon as I got out.

I tried raising her with Raise Dead (from the Rod of Resurrection tweaked by SCS2) and by CTRL-R'ing her. Same result, regardless of how she died and how I raised her.

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