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G3: Nythrun's Level 1 NPCs Version 1.4


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The Gibberlings Three


Nythrun's mod derives from Gebhart Blucher's Alternate BG2 NPCs (lvl1npcs.zip). Her massive opus of "allow player choice" allows you to start any of the joinable Non-Player Characters from Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II as level one characters with excess experience points. When they join your party, you can level them up and choose their skills. Level 1 NPCs expands on Blucher's original concept by allowing players to assign any previously installed kit/class - default or customized - onto any default (and many mod-added joinable) NPCs from both BG1 and BG2 games. The mod also allows players to change the NPC's skills and weapon proficiencies, individually tweak stats, and much, much more... Khalid the Fighter/Painbearer of Ilmater, Mazzy the Paladin, Jaheira the Kensai, and Valygar the Wizard Slayer are just a few examples. Available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, version 1.4 ("Miloch's Mad Orcish Rampage") changelog includes

  • Added French and Spanish translations; updated Polish translation
  • Added optional dialogue-modding component and logging
  • Added altered proficiency support (a la BG2 Tweaks) for modded NPCs
  • Added display conversion for accented characters leeched from game text
  • Added function to display current NPC stats
  • Tweaked animation assignment (primarily to avoid bearded female gnomes and the like)
  • Fixed regexp typo pertaining to one-handed axes
  • Revised weapon assignment routine to avoid duplicate and redundant weapons
  • Revised armour assignment routine to make heavier armour more realistic (also fixed some bugs)
  • Added more options to the "Tweak weapon proficiencies" component (largely specific to multi-classes and barbarians); fixed a bug or two
  • Auto-skipped weapon-tweaking questions if another mod has done something similar
  • Skipped kit menu for sorcerers and monks (if someone hacks that, we can re-enable it)
  • Added support for mod NPCs
  • Fixed a bug in setting item "baseclass" usability if no kit chosen
  • Fixed kit display in deprecated component and undeprecated it via NO_LOG_RECORD (yes, it should be safe, but keep extra backups just in case)
  • Required main component for all subcomponents to avoid uninstall and reinstall glitches
  • Added "hard to kill" support for Ajantis, Shar-Teel and Viconia pre-joining
  • Fixed bug in proficiency assignment for Haer'Dalis, Jan and Xan
  • Added Ergopad's "NPC Attributes" components for BG1 NPCs (with an extra option by mos_anted)
  • Added option to manually mess further with NPC attributes
  • Grouped components for easier selection (or not)
  • Added sample batch file installer
  • Updated to WeiDU v224
  • Enhanced NPC custom item compatibility
  • Possibly other stuff I've forgotten that Nythrun has probably already recoded in some better form :) - Miloch


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