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BG1Tutu-mac Level 1 Fix


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Since BG1Tutu came on the scene for Mac OS X, we've had to 'suffer' playing BG1 with level 7 characters unless you knew where to edit the executable with HexEditor. Well, I made a fix for that a while back, but it's kinda been a work-in-progress. Now, with the help of a couple of other Mac-heads, I've released the final version [hopefully!] that includes the Level 1 fix, the fixed BALDUR.BCS XP fix, and the fixed 'Add Kits'. All for only 3 installments of $19.95 (just kidding)! It's available for download at my website. If you don't yet have weidu installed, you'll need to download it from here before trying to install this patch.



BG1Tutu installation

Current version of Weidu


I have tested it with all known versions of BG2:SoA and ToB:ToB, but if you have any troubles with this patch, please post a message for me at one of the following Forums:


Adventurer's Spa & Grill  http://ire.mainecoon.net/yabbse/

The Gibberlings Three  http://forums.gibberlings3.net/

Pocket Plane Group        http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php



Version History:


v2.2: Added TOB Support

  - Fixed a problem with ToB installations where there was an offset not


  - Cleaned up the code to make it run faster on all versions of BG2.

  - Added a easier system of passing variables and arrays to the patching

    scripts.  This will make it easier to update this patch in the future.


v2.1: Patch & Display Fix

  - Only one of the offsets was being patched/restored for SoA versions.

    It was simply a misplaced '$' which has now been fixed.

  - Only two of the offsets were being patched/restored for ToB versions.

    It was simply a misplaced '$' which has now been fixed.

  - There was a display problem with the affected offsets in the logfile.

    I located the problem and fixed it, as well as adding the changed value

    of the offset for help with troubleshooting in the future.


v2: Big Fix, XP, and Kits

  - The Level 1 fix now works with the following versions of SoA and ToB:

      SoA 1.0

      SoA 1.1.1

      SoA 1.1.2

      ToB 1.0

      ToB 1.1.2

  - Added a fix for the applying kits to NPC's.  This might be redundant,

    but I wasn't sure if the kits were still causing segmentation faults.

  - Added documentation and logfiles.

  - Fixed the starting script for Tutu that assumed you were starting with

    1XP.  This caused a problem for any character that was imported.  Now,

    imported characters should function normally and will not lose XP.


v1: Quick Fix

  - Quick fix for the Level 1 problem until I can make a permanent fix.

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