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  1. Because of the recent downtime at the Adventurer's Spa & Grill (and because I couldn't find another Mac-only IE-related site), I have started a forum for the Mac IE community. Everyone is welcome to come check it out, especially if you are having questions regarding BG1Tutu Mac installation, PC to Mac mod conversions, or any other Mac-related issues. I'm hoping to spread the word, since I don't have many emails for my friends at the AS&G. EDIT: Unfortunately, the MacInfinity forums as well as my downloads site is experiencing some technical difficulties. As a result, I couldn't contact the users of the forums, so I'm putting the word out at all the major sites. We will be moving to a different hosting company, hopefully in the next couple days. The domain should remain the same, so no need to change your bookmarks. Sorry for the inconvenience... MacInfinity BG2 Downloads MacInfinity forums Problems with our old hosting service continue...so, here's the temporary urls: MacInfinity BG2 Downloads MacInfinity forums
  2. I find it incredibly ironic that it allows you to increase your brainpower and kill brain cells all in one fell swoop
  3. SPOILERS (for Chronicles and Pitch Black) Well, did you see the first movie - Pitch Black? What bothered me about those movies was the way they changed genres mid-series. Pitch Black was a "Aliens-esque" movie where the cast crashes on a remote planet and most of them get killed by mysterious creatures of the night. Chronicles was nothing like that, which was kinda jarring if you're into continuity. Anyways, Riddick was a hardened criminal that enjoyed the killing. I guess in Chronicles they wanted to go with a redemption theme where he finds his higher purpose through doing what he does best - killing people. It could have been a great movie (series), but as it is I'd hardly call it "epic". Plus, I just hate movies where everything you care for dies, but I guess that's part of his legacy/curse. SPOILERS (for Chronicles and Pitch Black)
  4. Call me crazy, but somehow I don't think Jesus had a mop top haircut or was bug-eyed.
  5. First of all, thanks to CamDawg for compiling this tutorial and for helping to make all the G3 mods Mac-friendly! All four of us that download and use them are extremely appreciative! Second, I'd like to give a (hopefully) better solution for listing all the .ogg files in the .command script. I'm going to assume that the reasoning behind listing the files in the ogg_files variable is for two reasons: expansion of wildcards doesn't work with sox (as stated in the tutorial) and that you only want to affect the .ogg files used by this particular mod (not all .oggs by any mod). While listing all the oggs will work, there is a much simpler way of doing it that will save on potential install issues from spelling errors. #!/bin/sh ogg_files=`ls path/to/audio/folder | grep '.ogg'` for file in $ogg_files; do echo Converting $file... path/to/sox path/to/audio/folder/$file override/${file%.ogg}.wav done Notice the backquotes used in the ogg_files variable (same key as the tilde). They tell the script to use the output of this unix command. This will simply make a listing of all the files in your mod's audio folder that have .ogg in the filename, thus eliminating the need to manually type each one. For uninstalling the wavs, you will need a slightly modified version: #!/bin/sh wav_files=`ls path/to/audio/folder | grep '.ogg' | sed s/.ogg/.wav/g` for file in $wav_files; do if [ -e override/$file ]; then echo Removing $file... rm -f override/$file fi done This time, the script took the list from the audio folder and substituted the .wav suffix (instead of .ogg). Then, it checked for the existence of the file in the override folder before deleting each one. Finally, I have run into a problem with early versions of OSX that makes the script choke. The problem comes from the fact that it runs as if located at the root of the system (which isn't where BG2 is!). To compensate for this problem, you can simply add this snippet to the top of the script: #!/bin/sh command_path=${0%/*} cd "$command_path" # rest of the script below... I use this in all my scripts that must affect files relative to the script's location (such as installing the mod/ogg/tiz, etc). It simply assigns the absolute path of this script's location to the $command_path variable, then cd's to it. Makes life easier for the tech support people...
  6. Loriel


    If I remember correctly, Minsc's Favored Enemy is vampires. Don't we know someone close to Irenicus that is a vampire? Just a thought...not a nice one, though.
  7. Nice to know someone has documented that. I found it by disecting the Druidic Sorc (I was curious how he got the tier-based HLA's to work). Eventually, I'm going to be using it in a project (once I get a computer that will handle TOB).
  8. Loriel

    New Spell

    And thank you too, Domi! BTW, another one that can be added (but unrelated to SpellRES actions) is MakeGlobal. It's only really needed for NPC mods, etc, but I thought I would add this for future reference. APPEND ~action.ids~ ~336 MakeGlobal()~ UNLESS ~MakeGlobal()~
  9. IF Global("myglobal","GLOBAL",0) Global("stronghold","GLOBAL",1) // don't know the stronghold variable offhand THEN RESPONSE #100 ApplySpellRES("myspell",Player1) SetGlobal("myglobal","GLOBAL",0) END The 'myspell' will use effect #313 to set MYSPEL01 (Resource) to 1 (param 1). Then use MYSPEL01 as a pre-req in the LUCL0 (or whatever high level ability 2da you want). This technique was used for the Druidic Sorc kit for determining when the character had picked from each "tier" of HLA's.
  10. Loriel

    New Spell

    True, but we can still say we can't PLAY it...I have TOB, but it runs so slowly that it's not worth the upgrade. I know - I've got an ancient computer, but there are still some who prefer to download a mod that is SOA-compatible, especially if it's only a matter of 25 lines or less of tp2 code (which is all it takes to append all the TOB action.ids and trigger.ids stuff for us SOA users).
  11. Loriel

    New Spell

    If that's the only reason that the mod is ToB- required, then I would definately suggest you add the code to your tp2 to append to the action.ids. It's relatively simple on your end, and opens the mod up to everyone. EDIT: As a side note, the only other major compatibility conflicts you will run into with SoA vs ToB is if any spells use effects 300-316(?). Not sure what the ending number is but basically everything above 300 was added for ToB, so it will make a SoA-only game crash. Also, if the mod requires a player to be a Wild Mage, then that will obviously require ToB.
  12. I guess I'm late, but let me add my best Birthday wishes... ...my best Birthday wishes! Just gotta say, thanks for all the work you've put in here. Especially thanks for the mac-friendly work!
  13. Loriel


    That's true Echon - for most opcodes, at least. In some opcodes, however, specifying 0 in the power field will allow the game to use the caster's level to determine what power it is cast at. As Caedwyr suggested, Dispel Magic is one such opcode, and I know I've used others (though they escape my mind at present).
  14. Are some effects for the wild surges hard-coded? If not, there should be metamagic effects for changing duration, projectile speed, AoE, saving throws, spellcasting level, and spell effectiveness (?). The last one might double the amount of mosters summoned or damage inflicted - just a guess. Of course, those spells are not included in the SPWMxxx spells, so I don't know what the opcodes would be. I'm specifically trying to find the opcode that affects projectile speed/AoE.
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