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Seeking Party Counsel


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One of my currently ongoing playthroughs is a female Kensai/Mage, Lawful Good, romancing Ajantis. For purposes of balancing against other playthroughs, Jaheira and Khalid are present, but not Minsc and Dynaheir. The party, thus, is: PC, Ajantis, Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid. I was going to use Garrick, but decided he's ultimately fairly useless in terms of gameplay. I'd rather not use Branwen or Kivan, since they were present in my first playthrough (Branwen romance, and Kivan has continued with that PC into SoA). I've been running around with Viconia, with the assumption there might be some interesting banters of conflict with Ajantis and Jaheira and maybe Khalid, but I've really not seen anything to suggest this.


Furthermore, I'm using Viconia in my evil playthrough.


So, given the party composition, I've come to ask from those in the know regarding the banters, who would be a good addition? Keep Viconia? Drop her for Garrick? Rush through to finish Cloakwood and get Yeslick? (I've just finished Nashkel in this game.) Any other recommendations?


Thanks in advance. And great job to those who created the NPC Project, should they still come here.

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For a party like that, I would probably get Safana and have 2 specialist thieves (one in locks/traps, the other in pickpocketing/stealth) then you can dump her if you like once you get to Faldorn or Yeslick if you want another healer (but hey, rogues are more fun :)). Safana has some decent content, and there's some good stuff between Jaheira and Faldorn too.

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Safana's the one out in the lighthouse area, right?
Any complications if I've already gone and raided the flesh golem cave without speaking to her?
I believe she has some content there you'll have missed, but other than that, I don't know. You just need a male in the party to talk to her. If you've already used the tome, her timer might expire and she might leave at that point, but you've got a number of days to use her anyway (like at least 5).
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