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Baldur's Gate. On your phone?


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Public transport is unfortunately the opposite of ubiquitous in the U.S., but people are still attached to their cell phones. Lots and lots and lots of people talk on them while driving.


What I find almost unbearably rude is when people are nattering on their cell phones while they're obviously out with other people. I'm not even the person they're being rude to and I want to smack them. Then of course there are people who don't seem to realize or care that everyone else is being forced to overhear the details of their private lives. People also used to survive without checking their phone messages every hour -- really, I was there!


I hate cell phones. I don't have one. I'll probably get one for emergencies eventually and leave it off all the time.

It's like people are so afraid to be alone, or to seem alone in front of other people. At least that's how I interpret it.

I am forever being told that I am not normal because of my willingness to do things alone.

I think everyone who plays single-player RPGs a lot enjoys being alone to some extent.

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There were unnecassery things such as sidequests to recover music sheets which could have been cut to make more space. And there were frequent bugs which stuck my character to a wall and forced me to reload. A bug like that shouldn't be acceptable on its own, combine it with the fact that save points warp you to specific spots and one warped me to a spot that got me stuck to a wall. I don't care how many kb of compressed java it is, charging for something that poorly put together is unnacceptable.

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