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SHS: Darian NPC Released


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Spellhold Studios


The SoA portion of the Darian NPC romance mod by Tempest has been released!


Darian is one of the Avariel, the enigmatic and almost extinct winged elves. He has come to Athkatla pursuing rumors that one of his kin is imprisoned in the human city, but things are not as he expects. Darian bears the legacy of thousands of years of hostility and distrust towards the grounded races, but those attitudes may not survive first contact with the people whom the Avariel tell stories of to frighten misbehaving children. For all his faults, xenophobia and arrogance prominent among them, Darian's fundamental intentions are good and his heart honorable. Cracking his shell will prove difficult, but it may just prove worthwhile. You can find Darian outside the Copper Coronet in the Athkatla Slums.


This mod includes:

  • A romance for eligible females.
  • Player-initiated dialogue and flirting, some restricted to the romantically inclined but some not.
  • Banters with the Bioware NPCs.
  • Numerous interjections and reactions to the world of Baldur's Gate II.
  • An evolving character who is unlikely to leave the Bhaalspawn's company the same man who joined it.
  • An original portrait drawn by the very talented Ilmatar.


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