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Unfinished Business v5 in the works


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like the female paperdoll bug, creatures not having an allingment assinged,wights in dungeon in tales of luremaster mixup (normal ones with the models of cold imbued ones shown?/or cold and imbued ones using normal ones stats?)

oh there is also a chapter missing now isn't it? something about a drow city....

Paperdolls are fixed, kinda, in v1 and really fixed in FP v2, as are wight animations and alignment fixes.


Hi. Here is a small bug that I've noticed. Once you have killed Lysan (the Auril priest in the Vale), you can ask her items at the Kuldahar tavern. Your journal is updated, but the entry is the same text as if you had just gotten into a fight with Lysan ("... and she attacked us.").

Also fixed in v2.



I've encountered an installation error on component 400 of UB.


Below is the debug error and the weidu log.



Do note that component 400 does function correctly if it is put before Auril's Bane and Icewind Dale NPCs.

This is fixed in UB v6.

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