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Request for a critique of PnP Celestials


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Galatygon has made a generous offer to do some more work on the PnP Celestials scripts, and so I'd like to take this opportunity to ask the players what they would prefer changed. Are certain spells cast too often? A deva spends all its time buffing and not fighting? Fire away and let me know what could be improved.



A second issue, is the cleric spell selection for the Planetar. They are considered level 12ish clerics with a wisdom of 21, and have major access to all spheres. I chose a selection of memorized spells that I felt complimented their innate abilities (probably don't want to double up abilities too much), but if others have suggestions for what they would like to see memorized instead, then fire away.



Thirdly, if there is some animation or sound effect that you feel is out of place, or just loathe, then let me know. If I can be convinced, then I may try to change it.

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