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Multi-Target Projectiles


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Having noticed that the wand of lightning can launch up to 6 independently targetted lightning bolts per use (in BG II+T0B), I did some investigating - using DLTCEP, in the Extended Effects tab of either a spell or item, there are as pair of data fields labeled 'target no. and type', the latter defines which targets are elegable, while the former is usually zero, except in the case of the aformentioned wand. Doing some quick & dirty experimenting (with a clone of the magic missile spell I have established that it is possible to have a spell targetting a number of separate targets at once, however I did note some oddities - a couple of times the 'number of remaining missiles' number on the spell targetting pointer went from 5 to 4 to none (the standard attack pointer).


My question - has anyone else experimented with this effect, and what results did you find? (is there any difference between number of targets=0 and number of targets=1 for instance). I don't recall seeing this being discussed anywhere (yet).



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