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Photoset for Luke Wilson as Gavin


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Hello, I often like to livecast my BG games, and I always thought that actor Luke Wilson (My Super Ex Girlfriend, AT&T) would make a good Gavin, which was discussed in another thread.


I found a good picture of him wearing dawn red with a lot of blue sky in the background, so I made a photoset out of it. The original and my GavLukeL.bmp and GavLukeS.bmp that I made with Paint are posted below.








I thought that the red jacket makes a good cloak with Gavin's/Lathander's colors, and the grey t-shirt could be a breastplate. The yellow light in the lower left background could be the sun coming up at the horizon, and the blurred building in the upper right background could be a castle or an Athkatlan building.


Somebody with skill in Photoshop might want to touch them up.


Feel free to do whatever with them, use them, alter them, ignore them, take your pick.

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Darn, wish my old computer was working. It might be fun playing with that picture with my phail photoshop skillz. I had an ancient version of Fireworks on that computer (too old to run on the new one), and it was familiar. I've got the Gimp on this one, but it isn't even a little bit user friendly. Even cropping a picture is too confusing for me to master. (sigh)

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