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Bug in make stoneskins visible installation when TobEx is installed

Guest syntheticsould

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Guest syntheticsould

When installing SCS in EasyTutu with the TobEx makes stoneskins visible component already installed string @3391 get's called but it is not in the english.tra file, nor in any of the translation tra files. This is in the latest v19.



/// make Stoneskins invisible






REQUIRE_PREDICATE (!FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~dw#stoneskin_invisible.mrk~) @165

REQUIRE_PREDICATE !FILE_CONTAINS_EVALUATED (~tobex_ini/ToBExTweak.ini~ ~Disable Stoneskin Grey Colour=1~) @3391

COPY_EXISTING ~misc01.itm~ ~override/dw#stoneskin_invisible.mrk~


COPY ~tobex_ini/ToBExTweak.ini~ ~tobex_ini~

REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Disable Stoneskin Grey Colour=0~ ~Disable Stoneskin Grey Colour=1~

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I got the same problem. For me, I just deleted that component in the tp2 file because I don't use it anyway. In the English tra file, it jumps from @3383 to @3700; @3391 is missing. These missing lines are included in the English tra file of SCSII, though, so I guess if we just paste the line @3391 from SCSII to SCSI it'll work fine.

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