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Apply patch after WeiDU mods?


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as I'm running BG2 through WINE and the 26498 patcher for ToB continued to crash with an unspecific error, I took the chance to install the fixpack, the tweakpack, the widescreen and the generalized biffing mod over a plain ToB setup. Well, needless to say, I failed and am suffering from "You cannot talk to X. X appears busy."


What would happen, now, if I went through the trouble of creating a Windows partition (still have an old CD somewhere, and some disk space) to patch the already modded game? A list of my mods can be found here:




Can it be said which one of these would require a reinstall after the patch? And if all would, is there a possibility to automatically install all of these again, but not the others contained in the packs? (It took hours to select each option individually, as after each selection, thousands of files would be patched...)


Thank you for your time!




PS.: What host is it that tries to set cookied for gibberlings? I had a look, it seems to bei neither forums. now www.gibberlings3.net. I'd need it for my whitelist.

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all the mod choices are stored in that weidu.log, which can be used to recreate/reapply all the mods. Someone else will have to fill you in on the details though.


you can also extract the patch contents without going through the fuss of installing another os:


(you could also just try different versions of wine)

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