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Romance Pack typos/errors


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As the topic description says, 'no one is perfect.' Yes, it is an awesome mod, but even the most famous authors in the world have typos and errors nestled within their pages and some of them are a little too proud to admit it. So, I figured, why keep these things to myself, when Domi, berlinde and the other writers are currently working on this mod?


The answer is, I shant!


I will place here, any errors or typos I notice in the game either directly in the mod itself, or errors that might somehow be caused by the mod. (I will specify which one is which. :cool: )


Also, if anyone else would like to contribute, please do. However, take into account that this isn't a complaint thread. If you have a complaint, take it up with them; if you have a problem with the mod, make a thread, but keep in mind that the ladies and gentleman who work on these mods don't get paid (so far that I know). They do it because they want to do it and we owe them thanks.


This is more a of a, "let me help you make this mod better" type of thread. Instead of a, "we blah blah complain whine" thread.



(If it helps the writers at all, I am doing this run through as a Male Aasimar, who is currently leveled in Barbarian, Rogue, and Bard. I am in Act I right now and will be for a little while. If there are any other details needed, just let me know. :) )





I myself am a fan of Neeshka and I love how interesting her flirts are in Act I so far.

However, I did notice a couple typos in her flirt responses - - ->


Typo #1 =


When the player character says that they think Neeshka is a wonderful friend and ally, One response that Neeshka has sounds something like this:


"[something (because I can't remember the exact line)] that sort of crude get's said... [something]"


I assume that Neeshka meant 'crud'?


Typo #2 =


When the Player Character tugs on Neeshka's tail as a flirt, one of the responses is this...


"If you're good, I'll show you just what I can do with my tail on of these days."


I assume she means 'one'?


Possible Error/Unexpected Benefit? #1 =


When I installed the mod and started playing, I noticed that all of my companions were invulnerable. They weren't always that way so I thought it was variable, but I am not sure.


I will get back to you if I actually find the answer to this, but until then, I am not sure whether to be suspicious or ecstatic... So, I'll be both! :grin:

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"[something (because I can't remember the exact line)] that sort of crude get's said... [something]"

Idly browsing by, but shouldn't that be "gets"? If I understand the sentence correctly, it's not a possessive and it's not short for "get is", so there's no need for an apostrophe.

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Nope Nilfalasiel, you were right to point that out.


Neeshka actually responded to the Ally flirt with, and I quote:


"Sheesh, among thieves that sort of crude is said when one waits for an opportunity to knife a rival! Hope you ain't like that, harbour boy."


Crude, still being the only typo I notice.

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