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Wall shading


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Hello folks,


I´m currently making a research about wall behavior, so I made a wall and tried to test it if it works correctly. Fired up BG2 and moved to my area via console. First, I was glad that it worked, but I also noticed a strange thing - character animation was nicely shaded as it should be, but as I moved my character closer to the middle of tested wall, animation was shaded more and more, and when I finally positioned character in the middle of wall, shading was so strong that it was barely visible. Only noticeable thing I could see was that green circle. Again, when I started to move the character closer to the edge of the wall, shading started to diminish and looks normally...


Is it normal? Or should the shading always looks the same, no matter in which part of the wall the character currently is?


Oh, and I´m using 3d BG2 TOB settings, and there were no wall flags selected (...so a plain wall, shading all animations...)

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