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BG1NPC project looking for a writer


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BG1NPC Team is looking for submissions for Alora's BG1 Romance.


Alora is a witty and sweet Halfling rogue found in the Hall of Wonders in Baldur’s Gate. Nightmare of BG1NPC had developed a comprehensive set of banters and interjections for the character and is currently working on her Quest. We are interested in seeing comprehensive suggestions for Alora’s romance.


The romance will ideally include: approximately 20 main-stream dialogues, PID flirt pack (the author's preference) and other characters reactions on the romance (the author's preference);


It should include:


1) A break down of the romance (topics for 15-20 dialogues)

2) A writing sample of 1 or 2 full dialogues

3) Suggestions on an alternative location for Alora, so she would be accessible a bit earlier in the game.


The author of the prospective romance:


1) will have a good working knowledge of BG1

2) will be able and willing to cooperate with the Character Czar and keep Alora’s character close to the project’s interpretation

3) will be capable of working on a firm schedule and meeting deadlines;

4) will be capable of starting writing immediately and completing the writing in spring 2005


Bonuses: ability to write D-file style.

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