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Installation issue

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Looking at your DEBUG, it looks like something has messed with your VICONIJ.DLG file. Either that, or you might have something like a virus protection program - or the big one, you may have installed BG/BG2 and run in the default /Program Files (x86)/ directory on a Win7 or Vista install. If you did the last one of these, what is happening is Windows is trying to protect you from making changes to the files (though why it would do that when it has already allowed you access is a mystery to me).


If none of the above is true, then for troubleshooting, here are my thoughts:


It should have way more than 183 entries; the code accessing that within BG1NPC is https://github.com/cmorganbg/BG1NPC/blob/ma...lg/x#jfix_bgt.d

(Specifically line 38).


have you tried replicating the error? Because the actual state number should never be able to come up with anything out of range; it is built by reading in the file and determining it from the actual install:




lines 58, 59, 60.

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