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Version 20 of Sword Coast Stratagems released


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Version 20 is out. No significant content fixes, but quite a few bugfixes, and an update to ToBEx that should make it much more stable.




Minor tweaks, optimisations, and additions

  • Ease of Use AI no longer autocasts Minute Meteors for fighter-mages, bards, and fighter-mage-thieves.
  • Ease of Use AI no longer breaks Sanctuary to attack.
  • Love, Pride etc are now fearless.
  • Mages who wander off screen make more effort to relocate the party.
  • Slight change in behaviour for the random assassins: they will spawn in city streets, but they won't spawn if the protagonist is invisible.
  • Monsters can't flee between levels of Ramazith's tower (preventing comical but implausible scenarios).
  • Archers no longer retreat when they're out of ammo. (Thanks to Polytope for pointing out a nice way to implement this; I've wanted to do it for ages.)
  • Updated to ToBEx v21. This should fix the problem with magic damage resistance, and should generally increase stability.
  • Updated to WEIDU v231.


  • Fixed a variety of crashes and glitches by updating ToBEx
  • Fixed problem where the code in some places (notably, Smarter General AI) wasn't correctly identifying some creatures as party-joinable (those with DVs longer than 8 characters were being skipped.)
  • The "skipping this component as the equivalent ToBEx component" string was missing; it's been added.
  • The "give fighters better proficiency choices" component no longer confuses NPCs.
  • "More realistic wolves" no longer runs the risk of breaking Melicamp's quest.
  • Fixed a glitch in random assassins' scripting that protected them from Charm.
  • Davaeorn now correctly uses BG1 or BG2 spells, and buffing or no buffing, according to player's choice when installing "smarter mages".
  • Cythandria's golems are now correctly vulnerable to magic weapons.
  • Kelddath Ormyr and his Sirines now help each other.
  • Andris's "monhp1" ring is now a "minhp1" ring, which should reduce the likelihood that he gets confused (and added a Kill-Andris option at the console, just in case he does anyway).

Compatibility fixes

  • We now detect Spell Revisions modifications to the game engine and try to avoid breaking those fixes via ToBEx.
  • We work around Spell Revisions' replacement of a core-game Stoneskin scroll with Dimension Door.
  • We give Prat's air elementals immunity to non-magical weapons directly rather than via an item (this guards against the possibility that some other mod changes the protection item).

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Hmm. It would be nice if you'd be able to include a "What do you want to do with the options that are not yet installed?" option, like those found in BG1UB.


EDIT: Just to be on the safe side (and because removing a tutufix component at the start of the installation was causing warnings with the other mods for some reason, probalby because of all the un- and re-installing, and because I was at the start of the game anyway) I have re-installed BGTutu)

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Hmm. It would be nice if you'd be able to include a "What do you want to do with the options that are not yet installed?" option, like those found in BG1UB.


That's a limitation of WEIDU. You can either offer the choice to look at components in groups, or the choice to do a bulk install of everything, but not both.

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