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Issue with BG 2 teaks installation


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I just installed the tweaks package, and although I could have sworn I checked 'no' on the 'Identify all items' mod, it installed. I definitely don't want things to be identified beforehand, but do I have to uninstall everything and start again?


Also, to the mods -- I can't believe you make new users answer questions like 'who is the final boss in BG2' ... I had no idea and had to basically look up a major spoiler. Major faux pas by whoever did the registration process in my opinion.


thanks for any help

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Hmmm ... sorry. I seems like the issue isn't that everything gets identified but that looting stuff automatically identifies (presumably if the looter's lore score is high enough). So I need to mouse over everything to see if there's a magical item on a body. No idea which tweak is doing this, or if it's a vanilla feature but it's quite annoying -.-

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Nothing should identify until you right-click on it. I suppose a mod could change that, but I've never heard of one that does (which doesn't say much).


EDIT: Nothing magical should be identified without right-clicking that is, non-magical is always identified. There is a component in BG2Tweaks that makes potions and gems unidentified (I always play with it), but it's not vanilla behaviour.

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Hmm yeah. can't figure this out yet. There are definitely pre-identified gear on bodies/containers, e.g. Ilych's chestpiece, the helmet of Balduran, some random low-enchant gear like the longsword in the room with the sewage golem. Maybe those specific pieces are just pre-identified, like Balduran's artefacts in the shipwreck were in ToTS; still, that doesn't make a lot of sense, and most definitely isn't a vanilla feature.

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