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  1. Also, I've got a weakness for skills, and that was some epic pedagogical nerdery going on there Mike. Well done.
  2. Let's agree to disagree For me the limit has literally nothing to do with sorcerer-selectable spells, and all to do with avoiding a spam-amount of available spells. But then again, we already had this argument over in Item Revisions, didn't we
  3. I can also contribute a byte! ª Please use it responsibly.
  4. If you've gotten a link in PM from Demi, then that link will always point to the newest (public) beta release of IR/SR.
  5. For clarity: utterly busted > less-than perfect
  6. I'm not sure I got what the problem is with the proposed Improved Slow (Mass Slow)? Is it that it's AOE, that the effects are too severe, or something else? Because if it's not the mass part per se, then surely it can be tweaked?
  7. Huh? I thought it was the other way around, that it's symmetric with Mass Hate?
  8. Tell me if I can help with Store Revisions for BG1. I'm a scrub at BG2, but I know my BG1 well (and you're quite the opposite if I remember correctly:)).
  9. I remember this from when you originally posted it. It's as cute and well deserved now as it was then!
  10. That was a bit cruel... ... nice, that you think it's the Imp that's bind to ... LOL x2
  11. What jarno said. A fighter->mage 7/1 is not a more powerful mage than a level 2 mage. In magical things, mind you. Which is what a familiar is about. It's even more evident if you switch it around, a mage->thief 3/25 shouldn't have their familiar be ultra powerful as the mage is still a clown at magic. EDIT: @kreso: IIRC a familiar could pretty much be all of the above. It's either a "natural" creature that gets imbued with a smattering of magical power when it becomes a familiar (a cat, for example). You could also gate a small create and bind it to you (imp) or have a semi-magical creature attach itself to your company (faerie dragon). In all cases the power of the familiar is basically linked to the magical prowess of the master.
  12. Sure, I'll send you a PM. I can give you the links right away but you may want to wait 1-2 days for the new builds to be up. Yeah it seems like Demi forgot I'll send you a link.
  13. Thank you Kalindor, that's very nice of you! Demi did respond to me in PM though, so I've got it down and installed! Trying for a semi-megamod (BGT) to see what explodes.
  14. They should show up in the games feedback ones you go and enable that. So: Options -> Gameplay -> Feedback -> To hit rolls. As I said, I've no problem with the THAC0 changing, and that's what To hit rolls show I could of course have had another NPC hit charname instead to see if my AC had changed, but oh well. They do. Damage bonus you won't see unless you play old BG2 (Tobex has an option to see every bonus/malus on rolls ie. luck, berserk, proficiency, base roll, Bless, strenght, whatever - EE can apperantly only dream of that . Sigh. See screenshot here to see what I'm talking bout. ). AC bonus is implemented as "bonus vs weapon type" so it bypasses the hardcoded cap of -20 (+dex + single weapon style). You can see it in the character sheet as AC vs blunt, missile etc., similar to wearing a girlde of piercing/whatever. Ah cheers. I tried wailing on Imoen forever - like 20 hits while she was chugging potions - but couldn't discern if the average damage was at all higher. I should have tried with a less damaging weapon I suppose. And indeed, there the AC bonus shows up nicely. It's been too long since I played, I should know to look for AC there on any mod by Demi
  15. [bG1:EE] Regarding Offensive and Defensive Stance: Anyway to confirm they give the bonus - dmg and AC respectively? I see the THAC0 malus, but I can't tell if I receive any dmg increase or AC bonus.
  16. EE issue. I used EEKeeper to revert back when I was playing EE, but nowdays I delete this effect from fighters before I install KR, since it makes SCS install on top of KR faster, then cheat it back in when I start the game. Multis are prone to mishibaving (i.e. IR has an option to remove limitations from either Druid or Cleric or both - KR doesn't account for that). They should. A la Spell Immunity spell (pool vanishes if you do anything apart use click on one of two icons). Odd that it doesn't work for you, it works on my install, just tested on EE1. Try using "Autopause - spell cast". Good answers all, thank you. And indeed Called Shot is WAD, I was just too weirded out by the first issue to analyse it correctly. Well, I've done a run with BG1:EE and I'm not super-awed; time to go back to BGT I think.
  17. [bG1:EE] I have a pretty awkward bug with Beta 20. Playing as a True Fighter, and when I reached level 5 all my previous proficiencies were removed. The 5th level "becomes proficient (+) in the use of all types of weapons" seemingly overwrote my 3+2 pips in Bastard Sword + Axe into 1 pip in everything. EDIT: Ok that's not the extent of the problem. It seems all F/X multi-classes also gets the benefit of a True Fighters level 5 multi-proficiency bonus. Both Jaheira (F/D) and Khalid (F/M) loses all pips on level 5 and gets one pip in all profs that their class allow. EDIT2: Yeah they also get the True Fighter innates, like stances and so forth. EDIT3: So, how is Called Shot supposed to work? I thought I'd get a sub-menu for Disarm or Trip, but I don't. Weidu-log - it's a bit sub optimal at the end as I decided to try out KR pretty late, and Thrown Hammers is just there to see if it even works with BG1EE (it does, even though there's some weirdness I believe is related to having IR installed before):
  18. Like this? But it's not the same Anything that can be done to help you with the compatibility for EE, oh barbaric orc?
  19. Demi, you old scoundrel. Shoot me a PM for the Beta-build will you?
  20. This is indeed one of the absolutely most important mods for BG. I love kitting out my peons henchmen toons NPC:s.
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