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keyboard problems with v0.7.0-369


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Trying to play bg1:totsc with v0.7.0-369 on windows 7x64, and none of the character keys on the keyboard work when trying to input a character name, which has the unfortunate effect of stopping me from starting a new game


Whenever the game enters a text entry field, an error shows in the log:


[sDL 1.2 Driver/WARNING]: SDL 1.2 doesn't support a software keyboard


Keyboard entry however works fine in 0.6.6 (but neither of the sound plugins are included)


cfg file with all commented lines stripped:


GameName=Baldur's Gate
AudioDriver = openal
GUIEnhancements = 0
GamePath=C:\games (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate
CD1=C:\games (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate
CD2=C:\games (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate
CD3=C:\games (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate
CD4=C:\games (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate
CD5=C:\games (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate
CD6=C:\games (x86)\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate


The final option UseSoftKeyboard appears to have no effect

And if a press ctrl+space when at a text entry field, the entry marker duplicates itself to the top left of the screen


The only mods that I can currently remember installing are the widescreen mod for 1024*768



Script/log window for 0.7.0-369 doesn't have coloured text, while 0.6.6 does, the coloured text makes it alot easier to read.

Not sure if this was a conscious choice on your part, or my pc just being its usual broken self

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I'm not sure if this helps, but these are all the lines that end up in the log whenever i click the "name" button in the char creation screen, after turning UseSoftKeyboard to 0.

The bottom line is the only Error that i have seen after a quick look through the log.


[GUIScript]: Loading Script GUICG5.
[ResourceManager]: Found 'GUICG.chu' in 'Override'.
[ResourceManager]: Searching for 'guinmb'...
[ResourceManager]: Found 'guinmb.mos' in 'chitin.key'.
[ResourceManager]: Searching for 'guinme'...
[ResourceManager]: Found 'guinme.mos' in 'chitin.key'.
[sDL 1.2 Driver/WARNING]: SDL 1.2 doesn't support a software keyboard


as to the log:


The one on the left is 0.7.0, the one on the right is 0.6.6


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text entry appers to work now (build 374)

however, the text in the field looks several pixels too low: (sorry the cursor isn't too well defined, had to save as jpg to keep size down...)



and my console still isn't coloured


Thanks for fixing the text entry though

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