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Curiosity About Irenicus' Tortures


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... and Gavin reaction :D


First of all, hello^^

I played Gavin some time ago (and I am thinking of re-playing with the Redemption Path... so cool *-* Finally a way to redeem a evil charname, yay :D) and I found him wonderful and terribly believable.


The only thing I didn't understand was his "lack of reaction" to the new that charname had been -badly- tortured by Irenicus, even if they were engaged, "married", and very inlove. He said something like "And I though I had it bad" when she mentioned the fact. I have always wondered why he didn't show something more °-°


Just a curiosity^^

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What would you like him to say? It's pretty clear that the PC has been through some horrible things. Two of her former companions have been tortured *to death* and the girl she grew up with has been kidnapped. He does what a lot of guys do when confronted with something too horrible to comprehend: he shuts down. Later on, talk 3 or so, after he has had some time to process the information, he does react with the concern you're looking for, but when you first tell him, it's a bit much to take in all at once.

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Yeah, poor guy :) It must have been a shock for him, first his past-girlfriend/almost wife is caught in trying to give away their daughter to a priest of *Talos* (seriously, *Talos* O.o) and then he discovers his love had been tortured for a rather long among of time.


Really, Gavin is stronger than he gives himself credit for.


No no, you misunderstood me^^ I was just curious, I understand your point :)

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