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  1. Now it works wonderfully! Thank you, and thank you again for this mod
  2. EDIT: No talk, but the variable is set to 10 now when I use the CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL"). Ok, I'll never be a modder O.o I can't understand any of this >.<'
  3. Uh... It doesn't work :S I have copy-paste it in the console, but nothing happens. I am so sorry to bother you
  4. Yes I do have it installed^^ And I repeat myself: you are an angel Thank you!!
  5. Now, unless I did it and don't remember (pushing the wrong button, maybe...) no, I shouldn't have asked Gavin nothing of the sort o.o' Yes, I know about night/day^^ it is in the Romance Guide as well^^ Global("B!GaLT5","GLOBAL"): variable doesn't exist Global("B!GavinLTCheck","GLOBAL"): variable is set to 0 Global("B!GavinWoman","GLOBAL") : variable doesn't exist. Global("B!GavinQuietLover","GLOBAL"): variable doesn't exist. Global("X#AjantisCoranChallenge","GLOBAL"): variable doesn't exist
  6. CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL")= the variable is 9. Yes, he did make that remarks about wanting to go in the woods. But when I slept there, nothing happened
  7. Don't worry, I have time^^ And, again, you are an angel. I am in Italy, so it is afternoon for me And I don't want to keep you up^^ Don't worry I have windows 7, but apparently I can use the clua, and it said that the variable is indeed 1. I don't understand why I have the romance on hold
  8. Yes, I have seen the Romance Guide^^ it said that for the fifth you need to be outdoors and rest. I tried, but again not luck. Uh... cluaconsole how precisely? Thank you^^ You are an angel^^
  9. I don't know if it is a bug or a mistake I made, but the romance doesn't progress past the fourth lovetalk (IE: I can't get the fifth). Also, Gavin doesn't flirt with my pc anymore. I still can flirt with him, however, so I don't think I ended the relationship incidentally. I tried downloading again the file and re-installing, but no luck. I also tried to keep the game open all night (thinking maybe I was imagining that the time had espired) but, again, no luck. I would really like to continue the romance Any idea?
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