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  1. Yeah I use steam. So, basically, I would have to re-play from the beginning?
  2. Hello everyone! I own BGII: EE and I have installed several mods, among witch Aran NPC mod. I was merrily going around until the automatic update. At that point, all mod NPC seemed to have problems, giving me only Invalid: [Number] answer when I tried to talk with them. Their name in the character review page was too changed in Invalid:[Number]. I uninstalled everything and re-installed and for a while it seemed to have worked, but now I am back at square 1. Any suggestion? :S
  3. Damn this is a bit of a bummer :3 what a pity! Thank you for the answer though, really!
  4. Hi everyone! So I recently bought BGEE and I am playing it, with several mods installed amidst which Gavin. Now, since I played BG1 quite a lot of times, I plan to multiromance Gavin (with Xan and Ajantis). What variables do I need to change to do it? Thank you very much!
  5. Ahhh well, go that a pity. The SOA part was very interesting ^^ I'll wait
  6. Also: Gorion wraith calls forth the Aran-Related-Shadow... but nothing happens
  7. Hello everybody^^ I am playing the beta with Aran and in TOB, when he tried to flirt the PID option came instead. Every 2 seconds or so. I have asked him to stop flirting and everything is going well. Except... I am past saradush, having complete gromnir and all the little task in the city and he hasn't started a dialogue. Is it normal? :S
  8. I am eagerly waiting for yours, as well Thank you for the hint^^
  9. Tatyan


    Scripts and dialog files are evaluated from the top down meaning that the first one to be true gets used. So if you've one specific talk for one specific arrangement of values, put that first. Any failing such checks would skip that block and go to the next one, etc, etc until finding one with all true triggers. I'm sure I'm being as clear as mud Thank you, you are a godsend! I mean this: NPC doesn't join if the character is evil, an human, or an half-orc (and I still can't find the half orc race code, sigh). So if charname is evil, human or half-orc the dialogue doesn't have a possibility for joining. I hope I did it right :S If charname is neutral, good, half elf, elf, halfling, or dwarf, the dialogue that start can make him join the party. (I have shamelessy copied Darian code <.<) But I don't understand If I have to put all the Race(Player1,ELF) Race(Player1,DWARF), allignment etc etc in the second dialogue. You say no, am I right? I think it will get easier the more I learn, first steps are always the harder^^
  10. Tatyan


    Hello everybody, me again <.< I would like to know a thing (for now. I am really, really trying to keep public questions at minimum. I swear.) If I have to put two or more restriction, how I have to separate them? Say: IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(0) Race(Player1,HUMAN) Alignment(Player1,MASK_EVIL)~ Between Race(Player1,HUMAN) and Alignment(Player1,MASK_EVIL) there has to be something? Also, in the other talk, do I have to put all the other requirements? (race elf, race half elf, race dwarf, alignment etc) or not? Thank you, I am reading other mod code, but I have a lot of requirements for the beginning and it is a little, well, overhelming. But I am determined to learn to code, too. <.< Sorry I know, I am an inconvenience^^
  11. Hello to you all I am a rather new addition around. I love the game, and since I have discovered the various mods I have become, well, addicted to it I am in the process of making a mod, but I am Italian, and so, my mothertongue is, well, not english Anybody there would be willing to help me by proofreading what I write? :S it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, sincerely^^ T.
  12. Hello everybody Does this exist anymore? I can't find it, and I would like to use it... Thank you very much
  13. Lol, really? I just feel like I wouldn't have enough person for even an alpha test if I write Akhel in italian! >.< Also, my game is in English, so it would feel a tad bit wrong... o.o
  14. Thanks everybody! I think I'll need a proofreader then, I doubt there are many italians around (shame really). I'll search for one as soon as I am ready to start writing I am starting to plan the character and guess the pacts I want it to make. Thanks^^
  15. Hello everybody^^ So. I have discovered modding some months ago (6 or so). And since them I have been, I don't know, addicted? Seems a good description Now I have the irrational wish to start making a mod myself. I admit, a NPC Mod. Only I am just a teeny tiny bit terrified. I have started perusing the tutorials, and they are awesome, but I am still terrified. So, a question, not about the "coding" part (they will come I fear, but not for now) Where to begin? Do I begin by starting the coding, following a tutorial? By plotting down, maye in an Old Fashioned Way (Pen&Paper) what I plan for the NPC? I know, I know. The noob is panicking. So sorry. But I am really at lost here, and some little bit of advice (what do YOU do when you start a new NPC?) would be welcome like water in the desert. Thank you^^
  16. Yeah, poor guy It must have been a shock for him, first his past-girlfriend/almost wife is caught in trying to give away their daughter to a priest of *Talos* (seriously, *Talos* O.o) and then he discovers his love had been tortured for a rather long among of time. Really, Gavin is stronger than he gives himself credit for. No no, you misunderstood me^^ I was just curious, I understand your point
  17. ... and Gavin reaction First of all, hello^^ I played Gavin some time ago (and I am thinking of re-playing with the Redemption Path... so cool *-* Finally a way to redeem a evil charname, yay ) and I found him wonderful and terribly believable. The only thing I didn't understand was his "lack of reaction" to the new that charname had been -badly- tortured by Irenicus, even if they were engaged, "married", and very inlove. He said something like "And I though I had it bad" when she mentioned the fact. I have always wondered why he didn't show something more °-° Just a curiosity^^
  18. I'll find a way^^ Even if of course I'll value any help given No No... I'll keep any change I'll made for myself, of course!^^
  19. I would be interested in knowing how to do both, if it is possible^^
  20. Hello Everyone^^ I would like to change the ending of some NPC, I would like to know how it can be done (I suppose it can be done, can't it? O.o) Thanks you all^^
  21. Now it works wonderfully! Thank you, and thank you again for this mod
  22. EDIT: No talk, but the variable is set to 10 now when I use the CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL"). Ok, I'll never be a modder O.o I can't understand any of this >.<'
  23. Uh... It doesn't work :S I have copy-paste it in the console, but nothing happens. I am so sorry to bother you
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