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Moving Areas


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I've created an NPC and I want the player to be able to talk to him, pay him a few gold, and be moved somewhere (going between AR1100 and AR2000). I've tried two different ways of doing this, but both failed.


First, I tried calling the falling cutscene directly in the dialogue (when the player says "Take me to Trademeet")



That crashed the game.


Second way I attempted was to append Baldur.bcs so that the cutscene would fire whenever a certain global was set. The global would be set whenever the player said the "Take me to Trademeet line.


This had the effect of causing the cutscene mode to start, but the player character just stood there. The game didn't freeze, crash, or anything else, it's just that the cutscene wouldn't end and the player did not go anywhere.


Any idea what I overlooked that may work?

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Remember to set the CutSceneID() as well as it's a good idea to use a ClearAllActions() at the top of the action stack. It should work as called from a dialog, if you want to go the baldur.bcs route (which I don't recommend for such an event unless it's a player spawned ability) then check out the PlanarSphereReturn mod for a template.

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