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iwd2: i now have a familiar for my mage


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I'm an absolutely new modder and I have some questions.


I've created a familiar for my mage--I used NearInfinity to mod the Howling Wolf Charm so that it doesn't disappear, it summons a cat, looks like a sleeping (not dead!) cat, and casts Cat's Grace on my mage each time the familiar is summoned. So far so good.




1. How can I get my familiar to progress as my mage progresses? Hit points, attacks, saving throws, everything. I notice that, according to NearInfinity, the cat has one fighter level--is it enough to get it to level up somehow? Or do I need multiple versions of the familiar and find a way to get a more powerful one replace a less powerful one at a certain stage?


2. If it can level up, I'm torn between taking it in two directions: Simply having this devastating little cat when my mage is level 20 (which would be awesome and hilarious), or having it grow as it levels up--maybe become a snow leopard down the line, for instance. How might I do this? For instance, could I give it a shapechange ability?


3. It appears that my familiar has all kinds of weapons feats but not things like improved evasion--would it break anything to mess with this some?


I have more questions, but that's a start for now.

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1. the latter. It is usually done through dialog or by normal scripts at certain points in the plot.

2. for it to look different, you just change the avatar, but for it to behave differently and have new stats, standard modding applies.

3. i doubt it.

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Ok, I'm back. thanks for the help before--I've gotten my cat familiar to level up quite satisfactorily.


Now a scripting question for my familiar. I want it to follow me around and stay hidden--it hides quite well. If I use MoveToObject, it stays hidden but bumps me. If I use MoveToObjectFollow, it doesn't bump me but won't stay hidden. Any ideas or solutions?

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