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Bonus merchants?


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Sorry if it's a stupid question, but are the bonus merchants included in Item Revisions or do i need to install the component from BG2 Tweaks?
Item Revisions do handle them, but not as you might expect. Deidre is still there, but she now sells scrolls (mind you she probably has the largest selection of scrolls amongst all SoA, but she also sells at a higher price than most other scroll sellers), Joluv instead is not there anymore, because we couldn't find any specific role for him.


I'd install the component from BG2 Tweaks just to be sure. While we're on the topic though, I wonder why Demi decided to leave most of Joluv's items the same.
I actually don't reccomend adding Joluv via Tweak pack. Quoting Ardanis: "most of bonus merchant stuff is unavailable within IR v3 - due to the lack of unique BAMs and concepts, - but if somebody wants them anyway, then go ahead and install Joluv with BG2Tweakpack or similar. he'll have all the trash left untouched by us". :D
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