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05-2012 installation order ?

Gay Lord

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When running setup, it wouldn't let me install item revisions main component or the masterwork weapons component. It said that it would only install on BG2, and I needed ToB as well (it skipped over a few more components saying they were incompatible). I also see the same in the readme, however, these components of V2 installed fine on my last tutu game several years ago.


I'm currently using Easytutu_ToB (april 2012), but I'm wondering if perhaps my inclusion of TobEx 22 might be the problem. Perhaps IR thinks my exe is no longer a 26498 ToB game.



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Install order - yes.


Tutu - I thought it was fixed already, but apparently it remains in my local copy only. In item_rev.tp2 change

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Thanks Ardanis !


I replaced all GAME_IS with ENGINE_IS. I assume the other sections check for SoA and won't make a difference on my personal install. I don't know if it affected this, but the next component offered for install was Tobex 20. Apparently it was unable to detect my Tobex 22.

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