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Unanswered Questions in BG2


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"He has shown me ... how to make it vulnerable!" Who is "he" your soul is referring to?


"Mr. F. don't like ye killing people in the streets." Who is Mr.F? Firkraag?


Who paid TorGal to take over the de'Arnise keep? (The master he keeps referring to?)


Who were the ilithid beneath the Temple District working with? What was their endgame?

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Don't know about the rest, but to explain the first quote, here is my theory:


Since your soul has taken the shape of Imoen and is slightly channeling her, I assumed that he/she/it meant the things hse/he/it inadvertently learned while being tortured by Irenicus in his dunegeon under Waukeen's Promenade.


As far as I know the whole Tor'Gal thing had to be modded to be explained thoroughly, but from what I can remember I think it involved the rival family Nalia was betrothed to wanting to take over sooner rather than later.

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1) Irenicus showed Imoen how to make Bhaal's essence vulnerable;

2) Yes;

3) Isaea, definitely. De'Arnise romance expands on that;

4) Unfinished quest, connected with the Twisted Rune in the Bridge District and Sion and Ketta in the Temple District.

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