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Lorraine's portrait


Which picture should we use as a base for Lorraine's portrait?  

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My first poll ever...


If we do a remake of Lorraine's portrait, which would you prefer we used as a base for that portrait?


Option 1. Michelle Yeoh (from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)




Option 2. Song Dandan (from the House of Flying Daggers)




I kind of like the feeling of movement in Michelle's pic, however un-baldurlike that is. Song's clothes are gorgeous, though. Please ignore the backgrounds and the yellowish colour scheme of Michelle's pic.


Lorraine's portrairs as it is now can be seen in this screencapture. *Spoilerish for the mod content*

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That's why I wrote 'as a base'. :) Meaning that the plan is to edit the photo by painting over it using different layers for base colour, shadows, highlights etc. - in similar fashion that was used to edit Amber's blurry IWD portrait to the sharp, plastic-like style of BG2.


The small portrait that Lorraine now uses has only received a simple 'cartooning effect' and is still tad too photo realistic for BG2 - even as a small portrait. It took about 5 to 10 minutes to make. Amber's portrait has been made way after that with more effort, time and (I hope) skill - it too about 2 to 3 weeks for Darios to make.

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