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Typos in Divine Remix


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While translating Divine Remix, our proofreader (Le Marquis) found some typos in setup.tra.


@10184 =~WATCHER OF HELM: The god of guardians and protectors, Helm is the epitome of the guardian, the watcher, the guard, and has in years past been greatly venerated by those who need to remain watchful for evil at their doorsteps. Helm is ever-vigilant, and embodies the spirit of lawful neutrality. Helm makes his home on the clockwork plane of Nirvana, in a region separate from Mystra. Helm's Symbol is an open eye painted onto a gauntlet.



Nirvana is for the first edition. In the AD&D one, Helm is from the plane of Mechanus or The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus. Source


@11804 =~Iyachtu Xvim rewards his most powerful servants with a Holy Symbol, enchanted black iron gauntlets bearing green eyes. When worn, the gauntlets empower the Authlim with Ilmater's power.



It should be Iyachtu Xvim's power.

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