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widescreen mod questions for Android


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Hey I have BG2 up and running on my Nexus 7 using build 11bfc23_20120711 from sourceforge page. I had a few questions on how widescreen mod worked, and how it should be used with gemrb on Android. I installed widescreen mod with the resolution of 1280x720 even though the Nexus 7's display is technically 1280x800 because some space is reserved for the onscreen buttons and statusbar. Is there any way to check how much "usable" space is available on your screen with Android? Also, I installed widescreen mod for the original IE because it said to choose it. Should I have selected the installation for gemrb? I tried both, but I don't notice any difference between them, which makes me wonder if its even working. I edited the gemrb.cfg file to reflect the resolution I had input for widescreen mod and changed fullscreen=1. Should the main menu (and character creation screen ect.) be so tiny? It isn't scaling to fit the screen, and I thought widescreen mod would fix that.

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