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how can i avoid black border?


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Hello everyone, i just installed the widescreen mod for the baldur's gate complete version (SoA + ToB). The installation of the mod works fine, but i still have the black borders around the game interface. I tried with 1280x720 and the black borders appear also in the up side and down side of the screen. If i set the 800x600, the image remains the same as the 4:3 standard game and i still have black borders on the right and on the left. how can i have an interface like those?






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Then you just need to use always the same screen rations, 1.777777:1, for example the 1366x768, or 1280x720 go well if you wish to have a smaller view and larger items. And you need to remember that the mod doesn't alter any of the normal GUI structures of the game but the main view, well, ok it also centers them into the middle of the screen.


When you have tried it, tell us...

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