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tutoral about NPCs


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hi all,


I need some scripting info about how NPCs live and initiate dialogue. My questions:

* why and how an npc initiates a dialogue when removed from party? how can I disable this behaviour (or can I)?

* removing an NPC from party and rejoining by script and "immediately" & "forcibly", is there a convenient way? (I did by moving member to some random area but did not like that solution)

* DestroySelf() completely wipes an NPC from game? if so some of the game scripts should wipe some NPCs but they don't, I didnot get why. I tried this method but could not them reappear. Example is bodhi romantic interest abduction, check VAMPAMB script (it destroy self but still NPC "lives")


I know these are questions and belong to another forum perhaps but I need some tutorial how NPCs work in general. I checked some of the tutorials around some sites but they don't mention these "low level" details.



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