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Monitor ignores the mod settings


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I'm running the GOG version of BG1-2 with their recommended mods on Windows 8. I followed their instructions perfectly and the game works perfectly. There is one problem however: The Widescreen mod refuses to work properly. The setup works fine (I put x = 1680 and y = 1050) and the resolution in-game becomes huge. The problem, of course, is that my monitor ignores it and still displays the game in a low resolution, which means I can just see the top left of the game, making it completely unplayable.


The only solution I've found is to not run the game in fullscreen, as long as it is windowed, it works perfectly. As soon as I press alt+enter though, I get back to the same problem, the game screen is way bigger than my monitor allows. Is there any fix around this? I really prefer playing games in fullscreen.

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making it completely unplayable.
Did you actually try to play the game, or look at the first two interfaces ? As in start a new game, create a character and then play around the Candlekeep and then come back to us with screen shots if it doesn't work. Yeah, the BG1's resolution is set to be huge, so the right lower corner doesn't have art, so it's black if you don't install a GUI mod for it. This is all in the readme, which you probably failed to read. The BG2's interface is centered, but it doesn't have art around most of the interfaces either, so there's a black box around the other main windows except the map one that is set to your custom value, and the maps are added with a black borders if they are smaller that your resolution minus the User interface.
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