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Dark Soul compatible?

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I started playing NWN2 last weekend, finally got past the graphics, and I enjoy the game quite a bit, although I don't think I'm going to romance anyone in this playthrough. I would like to replay it with the Romance Pack installed at some point, and I understand there's another romance mod - it includes Bishop into MotB, and is called a Dark Soul(also by a Russian writer, by the way):



From Bishop's romance FAQ, I understand Bishop's MotB portion isn't done. So, I'd like to know, is it possible to have Domi's Bishop dialogue in OC and Dark Soul Bishop in MotB, so to speak, or are they technically incompatible(different writing styles are fine by me)?


EDIT: Or is there an option to install OC content for Bishop, but not MotB content, maybe?

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NWN2 modding is not really the same as IE modding. There's no friendly WeiDU to make two mods that alter the same file compatible, unfortunately. In order to modify the file, you have to extract it, make whatever changes are needed, and put the new file in the override directory. If multiple copies of the same file exist, both are ignored and the game reverts to the non-override file. Since Domi's MotB romance for Bishop and the Dark Soul MotB romance for Bishop both modify the same file, the two mods are technically incompatible.


A lot of players would appreciate a Qara romance, I'm sure. If you are serious about wanting to write it, you could play through looking for good dialogue insertion points. Since all of the existing game dialogue runs off area scripts and there isn't any possibility to allow timered dialogue, the best way to get a dialogue to fire is to run it off of an existing dialogue using ga_start_convo. An alternative method is to set a variable in some plot conversation and make the follow-up dialogue available via PID. The dialogue coding itself is dead simple. The toolset does everything.


More bad news, I'm afraid. Domi has retired from the project. Technically, it's "Gibberlings Three Presents" rather than "Domi's and berelinde's NWN2 Mod," but I'm the last man standing, so I'm maintaining the mod. At the present, this means that once I've integrated the Neeshka files Domi is sending me (most are already coded), I'll be starting to code up Sand's romance. It will take a while, so I'll be releasing v5 before I start in on Sand.


The inconvenient way that files are handled makes for some modding conundrums. The easiest way to make any potential Qara romance compatible would be to make it part of the NWN2 OC Romance Pack itself, a situation that might be unattractive for a number of reasons, but one that would ultimately be better for players. The alternative would be to make them mutually incompatible the way the RP is incompatible with Dark Souls.

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Actually, I misread your question. You want to play through Domi's Bishop romance in the OC and play Dark Souls in the MotB expansion. In that case, yes, the mods are definitely compatible, but only if you delete the Romance Pack folder from your override directory before installing Dark Souls and beginning your MotB game.


The only way it would be incompatible would be if you wanted to play through the OC with a Bishop romance, play through Dark Souls with Bishop, and use Domi's flirts and epilogue for Bishop in MotB.


1) Play through OC with NWN2 RP installed

2) Delete fp-v4 folder from your override

3) Install Dark Souls

4) Begin MotB

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