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triple class HLAs tweak question


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I recently installed the tweak pack mod.

I wanted to ask about the mage HLAs in a triple F/T/M.

I just reached 3mil xp and got my first HLA, the mage HLAs were grayed out and i cant choose them.

EDIT: only the spells (comet, nrg blades, drgon breath etc.) were grayed out, I can still choose the extra 6th, 7th, 8th spell HLA.

Is this the way it's spossed to be or is it a bug?

if it is intended, when will i be able to choose those spells?


I have the fixpack and SCSII installed as well but the tweak pack is intalled last.

i only installed 3 things from the tweak pack: lvl cap remover (up to 50), triple class HLAs and no fatigue on restoration.


Thank you!


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