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Two multiplayer related bugs [v21]


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The component "Party's items are taken from them in Spellhold" doesn't work 100% correctly in multiplayer, as the non-magical items inside the asylum bag of holding can't be removed. As soon as you close the bag, every item added by scsii respawns inside of it. Works if I transfer the save into single player, but is somehow bugged in multiplayer.


Also "Improved fight with Irenicus in Spellhold" in multiplayer makes it so that only the bhaalspawn player retains control of his character during this fight (when the clones spawn). Other players turn hostile (uncontrollable), and their clones are neutral/party friendly, but cannot be controlled. This can be avoided by having the bhaalspawn player control all characters when the clones spawn, and then give character control back to other players.


Any idea what could be causing the bag of holding bug (and how to get rid of it?).

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Had the same issue with the bag in a multiplayer game. This is of course too late for you, but - in case someone is looking for solution - I found it just easiest to spawn another bag of holding to replace the bugged one. I think I used "CLUAConsole:CreateItem("Bag30")". It's not an entirely safe bag though, as I found at least once an NPC decided to pick an armor from it instead of the quest item she was supposed to get.

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I'm probably just going to apologise and say that I don't officially support multiplayer - I don't really know anything about it. If anyone who does understand multiplayer at the code level wants to suggest fixes, I'll implement them.

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