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Consistent +x/+y weapons


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This may be considered a tweak or nonfix by some. Weapons like Daystar +2/+4 vs Evil and Hammer +1/+4 vs Giantkin are handled inconsistently by the game. The former is considered +2, the latter +4 in terms of enchantment. Throughout the game, only two weapons use the samller of the two bonuses as their enchantment level, Daystar and the Bastard Sword +1/+3 vs Shapeshifters. This fix makes them consistent on the high number of their enchantment.


COPY_EXISTING ~HAMM04.itm~ ~override~ // Hammer +1/+4 vs Giantkin
             ~SW1H31.itm~ ~override~ // Daystar
 WRITE_LONG 0x60 4
COPY_EXISTING ~blun10.itm~ ~override~ // Root of the Problem +1/+3 vs unnatural
             ~blun23.itm~ ~override~ // Bone Club +2/+3 vs undead
             ~sw1h03.itm~ ~override~ // bastard sword +1/+3 vs shapeshifters
             ~sw1h54.itm~ ~override~ // Equalizer
 WRITE_LONG 0x60 3


Just to be on the safe side, their descriptions should also be adjusted as well. I have code for this, but if it's going to be added to the core bugfixes it can simply be addressed with STRING_SETs.

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