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Circles under characters disappear


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First of all many many thanks for creating this beautiful tool that makes it possible to play these legendary games on my ASUS Transformer!


It is absolutely amazing to see these games playable on this device!!!


I've figured out everything to play PST and BG2 on my device.


There is one bug though that I can't seem to solve. That is that the cicrles underneath party members / NPC's disappear. Only when I put the game in pause ther appear again.


Is there any way to make the circles always visible? Help would be greatly appreciated!


Going on holidays for a week and I'm gonna have a blast playing these games then.




Ps. I'm using version of GemRB

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Set the Marker Feedback option to something high. In your version of gemrb you can't do it via the options gui (at least not permanently), so edit baldur.ini and torment.ini respectively. BTW, play bg2, you'll have a much better experience than with pst.

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Cool! It works, thanks for the fast reply!


It was locator feedback and GUI feedback that I changed. In both GEM-torment.ini and torment.ini (just to be sure)


In what way will BG2 give me a better experience? Still too many bugs in PST under Gem-RB?

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