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Jaheria turned to stone


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So,...hit the wrong key in the circus tent. Yes, I realize this will kill my romance, but I still like Jaheria as my tanker. She is turned to stone on the genie bridge area where you get the prince is 30 the princess is 40 riddle. I keep trying to warp back to AR0600 to cast stone to flesh, but it says no such area exists. Lost cause?

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Erhm, you can push the x button to find out the exact area code you are on... hmm, I am wondering what code line you put to the Console... it might have been off with a typo.

PS: AR0600 Circus Tent (phased), AR0604 Circus Tent 1st Floor, AR0605 Circus Tent 2nd Floor, AR0606 Circus Tent 3rd Floor, AR0607 Circus Tent restored ...

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