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PLAYER like a NPC feedback/gesture and no soundset?


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hello everyone,


I am looking for 2 things to do within my mod. I searched web for this but failed to search properly actually.


1.) I want my character (protagonist) have no sound like "i move", "i attack" gestures, in short disable sound of him/her. I learnt how to add sound but could not how to disable because at character screen it asks me to select a sound set always.


2.) I want my character (protagonist) have custom command gestures like BATTLECRY1 to "unga bunga". For NPC it is very easy but for PC i could not find a proper way.


implementing such things within scripts are also fine but i prefer a way of doing it within weidu.


May i create a character using DLTCEP (and assign whatever text to gestures) then import it (create CRE then save as CHR)? I think this will do the trick but still upon importing the character it asks for sound and i cannot pass it without selecting any (game assigns one).


Why I ask? I want to make a mod of my favourite protagonists (mostly with broken rules like multiclass human, unchoosable class-race combination, grandmastery in weapon on a ranger i always create, copying portraits, maybe custom gear) but instead of rolling his/her stats, modyfing 2da's, editing strings everytime, just install this mod and select the character at creation screen using import function etc... Copying a character with such rules from one installation to another sometimes annoy more than installing the whole game + mods.




btw, this is for bg2 soa/tob only, not for tutu/bgt/bgee atm...

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I don't quite understand what 2.) means, but you can always create a custom soundset with empty sounds for "I move" and so on, and use it for any character whatsoever, and you don't even need Weidu - it's enough to create a specifically targetted soundset and place it to sounds folder(you do not even have to find out what each file should mean, since ALL of them should be zeroed).

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for first question, i will try that. i didnot know we could put empty files for sound.


for second question let me explain in an example:

- you create a new char / new game

- when irenicus torturing ends imoen comes

- when imoen conversation ends you start your game

- select your char and move to some place, no text/gesture in combat log (are not them called "gesture" ? )

- do the same with imoen, she will log "whatcha want?" and "gotcha" in combat log. <<-- I WANT THIS BEHAVIOR EVEN FOR MY CHAR


in short, i want my PC to behave like an NPC. using an existing character (like an npc with such gestures set) did not work, for example i didnot get same results when i used imoen.cre as my own character, maybe game engine prevents this, I dont know. I wanted to know if it is possible.


now i remember there was a script enabling player1 death and still continuing. it makes your game like IWD, a-party-without-a-protagonist style. i need to test that :)



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