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Store file fixes


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More recoded from BD.


Priestess Of Sekolah Store Prices Fix corrects the buying prices of this store, eliminating the unlimited-gold exploit of being able to repeatedly sell expensive items for more than they were then bought back for, if the character's reputation and charisma were high enough.


Rierra Store Prices Fix eliminates the unintentional unlimited-gold exploit very similar to that of the Priestess Of Sekolah fix below, but with Reirra, the elven cleric in Suldanessellar.


COPY_EXISTING ~sahpr01.sto~ ~override~ // Sahuagin store
             ~suelf10.sto~ ~override~ // Suldanesselar markup adjustments
 WRITE_LONG 0x14 120
 WRITE_LONG 0x18 50

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