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"NPC do not fight" - stopping party banters?


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Hi y'all, I'm thinking about starting my second BGT game with a mixed party.

Right now I'm considering...

Ajantis, Kivan, Imoen, Viconia and Branwen


I knew that Ajantis is highly likely to fight Viconia, same as Kivan,

so I would like to install the mod "NPC do not fight" from BG2 tweaks.

However, as much as I hate any companion dying, I would still like to hear the party banters between them.

I heard that the fight comes along with the banter by design, so this mod got me a bit worried.

Does the mod stop the companions from bickering at all or does it only stop the actual death-fight?

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The NPCs Do Not Fight component doesn't impact banters, only the triggers in them that cause certain NPCs to leave the party and fight. Except for Ajantis. His trigger can send him after any evil party member, but unlike the others no one leaves the party so *you* can keep control of the situation.


If you want to stop NPC bickering and/or leaving (a result of reputation too high or too low) you'll need to install the Happy Patch component.

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