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Adding innates in IWD


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Hello there, i am playing around a bit with DLTCEP and I have made some new spells for IWD:HOW/TOTL I'am having difficulties to actually get into the game. I simply enabled cheats and use the AddSpell("<string>",x) command... i do not get any error in the game (which gets the code as if it was working): yet the char simply doesn't memorize that damn innatespell i'have made, even if I rest it's not there! I've tried all this even with a default innate (e.g. lay on hands, cure light wands) no matter what: the AddSpell command seem to work only if I add some wizard/priest spell which goes right into the spell/prayer's-book, but no chance to teach them an innate! I've tried this even with an unmodded istance of the game to no avail.. Can anyone help me out? I can't use dalekeeper since my effective game is using some mods, so that not a valid turnaround solution!

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