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Installed and Ran BG1 Tweak Pack but nothing happened


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If you install the game to a protected folder in a typical Operation Systems that computers today use and then try to modify it using mods they won't work because, for example the Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8 mirror the Program Files sub-folders to a different location and so your changes won't actually be used at all.

The fix is simple, install the pre-2009 games to C:\Games\ sub-folders, in your case to C:\Games\Baldur's Gate/ -folder, not to the default one that's totally cheesed by the protection systems.

Ouh, and just so you know, not even the games own patch works correctly in the Program Files folder for the very same reason. As the mirroring was first featured in the Vista OS, in 2005, 6 years later than the patch was made.

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