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BG2EE, SCS and Multiplayer


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Greetings, all!


I want to play BG2EE with SCS* and want to ensure that everyone has the proper files for multiplayer. Telling people to follow my steps exactly is a possibility, but I'd prefer just to send a zipped Override directory or somesuch. (This is most especially true with randomization aspects, like Improved Watcher's Keep, to ensure we all have the same versions.) What's the best way to distribute the revised files?


*and Wheels of Prophecy, and the BG2EE compatible Ascension

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You need these files/folders:


lang/en_us/dialog.tlk (if playing in English)


Any file in the "data" folder beginning with "dw#" (I think there's one)

the entire "override" folder


The best way to distribute is entirely up to you. (I use Dropbox for that kind of thing, personally.)

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