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beta testers wanted


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1. the installer tried to reach out to the internet upon start


what!?! :) I created the setup with a well known program, setup factory. I'll check it, thanks


2. calling the old tisunpack one by one takes a lot of time, it is too slow by printing one line for each tile and starting a shell window for each file. I would suggest using a newer version.


when I released rtt that was the latest tisunpack version. I think it's time to change it with the new one, thanks again ;)


1. I was able to install it. (Well, i installed it on top of dltc, which revealed a tiny problem for me):

it uses the original baldur.gam file. I think it would be better to remove unwanted npcs from it and give a slimmer file. As far as i see only aerie/jaheira/viconia are coming back.


unlucky I saw there is a strange problem that can't permit me to edit it.


2. Hmm, i downloaded V1.1, but it is italian. I don't really want to download a new version (another 245 megs) just to find out it is italian too. Could you please create a patch or at least supply the english version of dialog.tlk?


in the word file I mailed you there are two links:


the first is the italian setup (v 1.1, about 200 mb) and the second is the conversion to english (about 25 mb, if I'm not wrong). it would be strange I asked help for an english beta test without an english version. :)


however when there will be the final version the setup will be multy languages italian and english (what professional! ;) )


And please start a mod support forum on any of g3/forgottenwars/pocketplane

If you already did, uhm, i was blind.


you are not blind... there is no forum today... I hope there will be one tomorrow


if you have problem to convert to english the mod or for any other question, I'm here. :)

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Guest Guest_Avenger

Ahh yes, the word file.

I generally dislike running .exe or opening .doc files. They gimme the creeps.

This is why i just opened the .doc file in a file viewer and missed the second link.

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