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beta testers wanted


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after 6 months I've finished to translate my tc, return to trademeet, into english.


now I need some beta testers for the english version in order to find grammar mistakes or sentence without a clear meaning.


however, all the translation was already checked by proofreaders, but it's invetibale the presence of some mistakes.


rtt is quite bug free, infact the italian version is out from 4 months and so I had the time to correct the bugs found.


the requisite are only two:


you need to donwload 200 mb


you need a clean installation of bg2: tob; I mean without mods installed (a small or a big installation of bg2 isn't important).


the work is easy... when you find a grammar mistake or when you don't completely understand the sense of a sentece, you have to write the ten words of that sentence with near the corrections (if it's a grammar mistake).


if there is some questions I'll be happy to answer.


bye, dario


p.s. don't panic! no proofreader checked this post, so it's probably (sure) there are grammar mistakes.

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You should post a readme somewhere before anyone is likely to DL 200 Megs, I guess. :)

yep, you're right ;)


here you can find the story line and the features (the features weren't checked by a proofreader :) )


Story Line


And now a short summery of your life since the dead of Melissan…


After your last great battle, you decided not to become a god. Since then, a year has passed. All of your companions from that time have left your side and now follow their own paths.


In all of this time you have lived in a lot of cities, but you never remained in one for more then a month.


You were very surprised at how quickly people forgot what you had done for them. The only cities that still show you any gratitude are Suldanesselar and Trademeet, and even they are slowly forgetting you.


During your travels you started to feel nostalgia for the place in which you grew up. Often during the night you dreamed of Candlekeep, with all of its towers, all of its walls, and of the happy men who lived there. Sometimes, you dreamed of Gorion. In these dreams, Gorion spoke to you. He invited you to come back to Candlekeep, and to find him. His image appeared very clearly to you, almost as if it were real. These dreams were not like the others, in which he had always seemed nothing more than a dark, ghostly figure.


Your desire to once again see the town in which you were born increased steadily. Then, one day, a messanger delivered to you a letter written by the monks of Candlkeep. They ask you to meet with them, though there is no need to be hasty, because they have to speak to you about something very important that they have discovered. Whatever it is, it is too important to be described in the letter.


Your desire to see familiar places was great, and in a few day's time you were already traveling. Now, after a week, you are in Trademeet for a break. You are hoping to be able to stop here for two or three days in order to recover your lost energy.


And now it’s your duty to find how the story continue!




Quest 1 Main Quest (made by 6 quest)

7 Big Quest

+10 Mini Quest

Kit +35 new kits

Item +100 new magic items

Spell +65 new spells

Area +160 new areas

Not Joinable

Party + 400 njpp to meet

Personage +20 new type of monsters



Personage +10 Joinable Party Personages




Personage 1 Special Joinable Party Personage

Dialog + 280 personages to talk

1 personal dialog beetwen you and each joinable party personage

30 interact among party members

Sound 1 sound set for each Joinable Party Personage

1 new sound track

Journal A lot of detailed Journal Updates

Language Italian and English

Gameplay 25-30 hours

Manual 1 real manual of explanation of RTT (with the description of the new spells, kits, etc)


Restore To return to play to SoA and ToB from RTT and to RTT from SoA and ToB.

Other What I’ve forgotten!

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Good point Domi! And I have a question as well...


After your last great battle, you decided not to become a god. Since then, a year has passed. All of your companions from that time have left your side and now follow their own paths.


I can't bring my love interest with me?? :)

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Well, it has this line here: Restore: To return to play to SoA and ToB from RTT and to RTT from SoA and ToB... so I am not entirely sure if that means that you have to replace away your overrides and dlg.tlk or if there is a more smooth way of doing it...

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I can't bring my love interest with me??


there are the bg2 npcs romance :)


Obligatory question - is it WeiDU?


echon have already answered:


The DLTC demo does not use a WeiDU installer but it makes a backup of the essentials files before installing. These can then be restored when you uninstall it


the restore of soa and tob from rtt (or from soa and tob to rtt) needs about 2-3 minutes


I'm interested, btw.


fine! :) I've sent you a pm with the instruction to follow to install the tc.

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One quick notice, or two:


1. the installer tried to reach out to the internet upon start

2. calling the old tisunpack one by one takes a lot of time, it is too slow by printing one line for each tile and starting a shell window for each file. I would suggest using a newer version.


more notes:


1. I was able to install it. (Well, i installed it on top of dltc, which revealed a tiny problem for me):

it uses the original baldur.gam file. I think it would be better to remove unwanted npcs from it and give a slimmer file. As far as i see only aerie/jaheira/viconia are coming back.

2. Hmm, i downloaded V1.1, but it is italian. I don't really want to download a new version (another 245 megs) just to find out it is italian too. Could you please create a patch or at least supply the english version of dialog.tlk?

And please start a mod support forum on any of g3/forgottenwars/pocketplane :)

If you already did, uhm, i was blind.

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