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Questions about Sarah romance (spoilers!)


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I am a little obsessed with Sarah and have to see the romance through completion! I finished SoA and the last quest she had was her uncle needing a potion. We met her mom, they made up, and we went on our way. Now, in ToB, she starts a conversation mentioning that she is dealing with her mother's death, or something along those lines, and I was taken aback. When did that happen? Did I miss part of her quest line in SoA? Can someone let me know what happened?


Secondly, sometimes when speaking with her, I will have the dialog option of "Sarah, I love you and want to share that with you" or something to that effect. No matter where I say it, whether it be the heart of Athkala or the Umar Hills, or now, the North Forest (ToB) she always replies with "...perhaps someplace and sometime more suiting." When and where is that? Does it have to be in SoA? I might have to start a new game all over again in that case.


Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Hmm, did I miss a lot of her content? Was the quest with her mother dying very long and did I miss much important? I don't really want to start over, because my next play through is going to be super evil, and obviously, she isn't going to go for that. I suppose as long as they can still have a "...and they live happily ever after" ending, then it will be ok ;-)


Anyway, great mod, thank you very much for your efforts!

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